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02 July 2006 @ 02:01 am
Off to Mathcamp  

So I'm off to Mathcamp between July 2 and August 6. In that time, I will not be on AIM at all, but you can still reach me by e-mail, LiveJournal, and Xanga.

Other notes...

  • If you really want to send me something nice, ask me and I'll tell you the postal address.
  • If I end up spending a lot of time at a computer, you might be able to catch me on Google Talk.
  • I'll have a phone in my room, but chances are I won't usually be in there. You can still ask me for the number, though.

I will bring a cell phone. You can get my number by asking me or solving the problem at the end of this entry. Below are the estimated times that I will be available. I'll keep this updated as I go.

  • Weekdays in the mid-afternoon (2-4 pm)
  • Weekdays after dinner (7 pm and later)
  • Weekends all day except at meals

So, all you Mathcampers, I'll see you at Mathcamp! All my local friends, I'll see you after I get back! All the rest of you... sorry, I don't get to see you guys at all.

Footnote: Cell Phone Math Problem

The integers p, q, r, s, and t (not necessarily distinct) are all between 0 and 99 (inclusive).

  • p11 = 7153014030880804126753
  • q11 = 2450808588882738675712
  • r11 = 1951354384207722496
  • s11 = 131621703842267136
  • t11 = 317475837322472439

Let f(x) = px4 + qx3 + rx2 + sx + t. f(100) is my phone number.

woodsywildwoodsywild on July 4th, 2006 02:48 am (UTC)
Have fun at MathCamp!
Perhaps I'll send you something via someone else's address.
Pteromys Fortissimuspteromys on July 8th, 2006 06:19 am (UTC)
I missed Fun :(

Ooh, I'll try to send something too.